Cyber Security Expert


We are looking for a cyber-security expert with  deep understanding of security concepts and system architecture , as well as proven ability to hack systems, find vulnerabilities, develop sophisticated exploits, and identify necessary security mitigations. 

You will participate in all the Security development stages, from definitions , architecture to hands-on, and will also be responsible for delivering of a cutting-edge Security system.


· Take part in the definitions of Kameleon end to end security solution 

· Keep up with the vulnerabilities landscape and latest threat trends, and help define the requirements for Kameleon’s security solution to address the relevant threats

· Evaluate and propose new security enhancements .

· Optimize Security elements to support Kameleon’s products on different customers platforms requirements

· Evaluate and define how to integrate Kameleon’s products into the Security ecosystem and flows

· Troubleshooting security


· Over 7 years of experience as a cyber security engineer

· Ability to understand complex systems and identify critical areas

· Strong analytical abilities and deep knowledge of Security algorithms 

· Experience/knowledge of Cloud Security

· Great offense and defense skills on both SW/HW

· Creative, out of the box thinking

· Great communication skills

· Relevant working experience or excellent B/M.Sc. in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering with relevant fields.

· Deep understanding of the contemporary threats landscape and attack vectors


· Deep understanding of Crypto’s algorithms

· Knowledge in ML, MTD, SCA, VMs, AppSec, DevSecOps, OS(Linux), Distribution, Embedded

· Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Assembly

· Reverse engineering tools IDA, Kali, Metasploit, debuggers, instrumentation frameworks

· Cloud management and security tools 

· Penetrationtests using manual and automatic testing methodologies