About Us

The fundamental problem of system security is that they are based on determinism and predictability, and that the complex software that runs on top of them will never be free of code vulnerabilities. This determinism and predictability presents a static attack surface to a malicious actor, who can probe and study this surface at will, with unlimited time, until the target is well understood to launch a successful attack. This makes all systems equally vulnerable in the same ways, resulting in the well-known “break one=break all” and “break once=break always”.

This situation has led the industry to a fragmented security market with many ad-hoc tools, each solving specific threat. These security products not only have limited success, but they also increase the complexity and security cost, and often introduce new vulnerabilities.

A new paradigm is needed. The same way no two human beings are exactly the same and thus no single virus can kill us all, we need to make each computing system unique. This is exactly what our hardware does, transforming the system into a moving target that prevents vulnerabilities from being exploitable and is inherently non-bypassable.  


Kameleon is designing the first Security Processing Unit (SPU) - a chip-based solution that changes the static security foundation by constantly mutating the attack surface of the protected system - what we call- polymorphism

This security through mutation starts from the moment the system boots and   protects all the software in the system. The mutation constantly modifies the   attack surface, making vulnerabilities extremely hard to exploit. Real-time mutation is managed by the SPU, which is itself resilient to attacks.